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How Long Does This Take?

A full Marketing Package is a 1-year engagement

How Much?

If you choose a package with ALL of the marketing services, you get a significant discount, and we plan on spending a year working on the marketing of your book. The services are available a la carte as well.

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Thank you!

We'll be in touch soon.

Shereen Thor,

Happy Author

I worked with Bethany on launching my first book, and she knew exactly what to do to get me on the bestseller list. Her advice was incredibly illuminating and created clarity in a time that felt very overwhelming. Working with her actually made the experience feel fun, supported, and like success was inevitable.


I am officially a bestseller and I have her to thank for that. I highly recommend working with her if you are publishing or launching a book.

We’ve mastered the art of

spreading the word

Our Marketing Mavens will run a robust, personalized campaign to promote your published book!


Meet Your

Our customized campaigns will:




and a WHOLE lot more, just keep reading!

Tell everyone you meet that you're an author.


Say it loud+proud in your bio.  Use it everywhere and with everyone. This builds awareness, and you never know when a personal connection could turn into an opportunity!

Your Campaign

Your Marketing Partner will work with you on:

and MORE!

The Details:



We'll help you choose up to three distinct broadcasting channels, such as email marketing, blogging, or social media) that allow you to build and connect with your audience.
During your campaign, our dynamic team of copywriters, editors and graphic designers will find + develop unique content for each channel.
We'll develop a personalized marketing strategy based on your goals and hopes for the book. Then we'll setup a schedule and carefully track results to stay on target.





Book awards boost visibility + credibility. 
We'll identify three book awards and category submissions that best match your book, including national + city-based programs. Then we'll handle all the submission logistics. 
Reviews = credibility = more sales! 
Our mission:  boost user reviews through a combo of social media + email campaigns as well as a Goodreads Giveaway,  Net Galley review listings, and more.



Get on a podcast and reach new readers! 
We'll research and curate a list of 25 potential podcasts just for your book. Then we'll connect with and pitch to podcasters as your representative. We aim to get you on up to five podcasts.





We love Indies + libraries! 
After we create a sell sheet for promoting your book, we'll research local/national independent bookstores and libraries that might be a good fit. We 'll contact them and pitch your book.
We'll also work to get your book listed in independent bookstore + library magazines and newsletters.
We believe all books can build a community.
Our team will research potential groups that might love your book and message. You'll pick the top five, and we'll setup connection requests for you to send out.




Get out in front of people!
We'll find online + IRL events that might be a good fit for your book. Think book events, exhibitions, festivals, city or local events, or more. We'll provide support towards planning for and submitting to present at these events.
Harness the power of Amazon!
We'll create and manage two Amazon sponsored product ads. Our research will find the best keywords and titles, and inform our copywriting. We'll spend  $300 and fine-tune to get the best response and results. Then we'll hand it over to you to continue if you'd like.


Need a Partner?

We're Here!

Tell us about your book, we'd love to chat with you!

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