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Wasim Hajjiri

Happy Author

Wasim the Dream

Wasim Hajjiri

Published 2018

Wasim Hajjiri came to us  with a desire to tell his story of achieving his dreams.  Journeying from Jordan to the United States, he graduated with an MBA, succeeded in getting his dream job, and won three gold medals and a world-class ranking in Natural Bodybuilding and fitness.


Wasim worked as relentlessly on his book as he did to achieve his dreams. We supported him with substantial editorial services. We also ran the production and launched his book as a #1 Amazon bestseller. It has been available in print and ebook format since April 2018. He has been featured multiple times on local television, and he speaks, coaches, and consults on how to set goals and achieve dreams.



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I started with an idea and a few pages of scribbles in my journal. I had absolutely no clue how to write a book and English is my second language. I was introduced to Bethany and shared my idea with her and she agreed to help me. We started to work together and she partnered with me from A to Z. From writing to editing, design, and most importantly publishing it on Amazon.  

She is truly one of the most genuine, kind and amazing people that I have met in my life! Not only did she help me write the book but she gave me the emotional support that I needed each time I had writer's block and she helped me deal with all of the doubt and fear that I had about sharing my story with the world. 


Once we published the book, my ultimate dream came true and the book became an Amazon #1 best seller which completely transformed my life, my family's life and my business! A book is such a powerful tool to leverage in any area of your life! If you have an idea for a book (even if you haven’t written one page) talk to Bethany.  She can take you all the way to best seller! 

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