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Shereen Thor

Happy Author

Revolutionary Woman: Break the Rules, Live Your Purpose, and Find Your Happy

Shereen Thor

Published 2021

Shereen Thor, a comedian turned coach and TEDx speaker, came to us with a completed book empowering women to take back their power. All the writing, editorial and design was complete. We provided consulting, Amazon positioning and launch services, and successfully launched her book and ebook as a bestseller. 



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I worked with Bethany on launching my first book, and she knew exactly what to do to get me on the bestseller list. Her advice was incredibly illuminating and created clarity in a time that felt very overwhelming. Not only did she know exactly what to do, but working with her actually made the experience feel fun, supported, and like success was inevitable. I am officially a bestseller and I have her to thank for that. I highly recommend working with her if you are publishing or launching a book.

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