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Tina Hou

Happy Author

No Matter How Small

Tina Hou

Published 2014

We began by helping Tina engineer and then run a successfully funded kickstarter campaign for the production of her first children’s book. Click to see the campaign on Kickstarter (her book was chosen as a Staff Pick!). Then, we worked together to get the book finished and printed, along with the kickstarter perks (stickers, prints, etc) and sent off to all the backers. Her book is currently available on Amazon.



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The first time I met with Bethany, I was impressed with her publishing knowledge. I had already written and illustrated my first children’s book during that time, but I didn’t know what to do with it and let it collect dust for two years.


After a conversation with her, I wanted her to help me with it. Bethany Kelly is one of the most professional, efficient, and productive producers I have ever worked with. Yet, she is the best coach/ally one can have. I was so glad to meet her and enjoyed working with her. She walked along with me the whole way and covered all the details. She gave practical advice regarding printing options and publishing essentials. She gave me emotional support when I was full of self-doubt. She guided me through more than getting my picture book published. 


We orchestrated a Kickstarter campaign, and Bethany helped me with the pre-press and finalization. The project was funded successfully, and the book was selected as a Kickstarter “Staff Pick.” She was even there to help me pack the envelopes for the Kickstarter rewards. 


Bethany and Publishing Partner provide top-notch service, and I highly recommend them.

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