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Laura Daley / Julia Hess

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Do Your Best Coaching: Navigating A Coaching Engagement From Start To Finish

Laura Daley & Julie Hess

Published 2022

Experienced coaches Laura and Julie wanted to put the processes and tools that they use to support healthy coaching engagements into a book. They aimed to include all the mistakes they made along the way so that their readers didn’t have to. We worked together during the writing process to craft their book’s outline, and keep them focused on their writing goals, which they aced. Then we moved into production and launch. We are currently working on an accompanying workbook.  



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When we were first-time authors, colleagues recommended we work with Bethany and her team at Publishing Partner to bring our book to life, and we’re glad we did! Bethany served initially as a coach and guide to the book-writing process. She brought her years of experience of working with the authors to us  –  she was supportive, encouraging and insightful and normalized the experience for us.


Once we had a draft manuscript to work with, she and her team led the way through the entire book publishing process from the creative process of cover and graphics design with Stefan, to the masterful copyedit by Frank, and finally to the nitty-gritty of navigating publishing through KDP and launching the book. Bethany and her team were with us every step of the way. We’re so grateful for Bethany’s partnership and guidance and look forward to our next book with her and the team at Publishing Partner!

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