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Melinda Silva, MD

Happy Author

Aging Gracefully and Strong: ABCs of YOUthful Living

Melinda Silva, MD

Published 2014

In six short weeks, Dr. Silva's book went from the seed of an idea to a completed 236 page book with 350 printed copies delivered in time for an important speaking opportunity. We provided support in creating the outline, structure and content development, as well as all aspects of production (print and ebook) and online delivery. Dr. Silva's book reached Amazon #1 bestseller and has frequently been in the top 100 in her category on Amazon since it was published in September 2015.



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As a busy doctor and mother of four, there is no way I would have completed my book in time without Bethany Kelly's help. She and her team went above and beyond to get my book finished on a very short deadline. Bethany handled all the details and logistics. From helping me with research, to managing the project, to making sure that the book was printed and copies delivered to a hotel room across the country—Bethany did it all. She provided a concierge service that was professional, reliable and high-quality.

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