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Dr. Shahrzad Nooravi

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A Powerful Culture Starts with You: Cultivate a Thriving Workplace from the Inside Out

Dr. Shahrzad Nooravi

Published 2022

Shahrzad Nooravi came to us with a completed manuscript that she had worked hard and long to produce, combining her training as an organizational psychologist and executive coach to craft an exceptional guide on how to transform a company culture. We provided editorial support in the form of a developmental edit, then production services, taking special care with the design of the book. Finally, we supported her successful bestselling launch and connected her with a top-notch recording studio and producer to support her audiobook production. 



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Partnering with Bethany on my book was the best thing I could have done. I had an experienced professional by my side, guiding me through the whole process. From gaining clarity on the best content to present to helping me discover the title to all the details of launching the book into the world, she was right there with me. She is confident, kind and encouraging and at the same time, clear on the best practices for the publishing industry. I highly recommend Bethany and would work with her again.

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