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Sam De Santo

Happy Author

Bumble Humblestone and The Secret Cargo: The Untold Story of WWII's Bravest Mouse

Sam De Santo

Published 2020

Sam De Santo had a completely finished print book when he came to Publishing Partner. It had been edited, formatted, the cover complete and he had also created multiple illustrations. He was looking for support in the nuts and bolts of getting his book set up for online distribution and making it available for booksellers everywhere (especially libraries and schools). We brought our experience and expertise to the table and provided consulting and instruction. We also produced the ebook. 



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Bethany Kelly has been an essential and invaluable partner in getting my first-born book across the finish line and finally published. She instinctively knew what hat to wear to keep things on track and me moving forward through the Amazon and Ingram Spark minefields. I especially credit her and her team with the production of a beautiful ebook, which I would not have been capable of producing myself.

Working with Publishing Partner is an investment worth every single penny.

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