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Ryan Niemiec / Robert McGrath

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The Power of Character Strengths

Ryan Niemiec & Robert McGrath

Published 2019

The VIA Institute on Character is a nonprofit organization with a mission of helping people change their lives by tapping into the power of their own greatest strengths. Since the early 2000s, 30 million people worldwide have taken the VIA survey, a personality test that measures and names an individual’s character strengths. Doctors Ryan Niemiec and Robert McGrath authored The Power of Character Strengths, a book that supports readers in understanding how to utilize their personal character strengths. With a strong brand and following, VIA’s goals for publishing were clear: create a branded, quality book that provided compelling content. We partnered with VIA to run the production, and the book (print and ebook) launched in March 2019.


It quickly became a #1 Amazon bestseller, sold over 1,000 copies in its first month in print and is on track to become the most successful book written on Character Strengths. 



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This is our first self-published book at VIA. Bethany not only walked us through the process but she also got to know the team, the purpose of our organization and the intent of the book. She made sure that the finished book aligned well with our brand and kept us focused on the reader experience that we were looking for. Bethany and her team were adaptable and responsive. It was a great experience!

Ryan Niemic, Chief Science & Education Officer at VIA

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