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Richard Gayzur

Happy Author

The Prison Dialogue

Richard Gayzur

Published 2020

Richard Gayzur has written a compelling novel of transformative, metaphysical fiction that is eerily prescient. Richard was one of the first clients to benefit from our Publisher in My Pocket program (though it wasn’t named at the time). We provided consulting and supported him through the publishing process. He also benefitted from access to trusted Publishing Partner vendors who provided proofreading, design and ebook formatting.



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I originally heard of Bethany Kelly and Publishing Partner from a friend who was very pleased with the way she had shepherded her book from concept to market.  I hadn’t read my friend’s book but was particularly impressed with her cover artwork. At the time, I’d just begun my own novel, and as a seasoned writer who had created and managed several marketing communications divisions for large corporations, I assumed I had the know-how to take my book from concept to market entirely on my own.


But it’s never the same when it’s your own book.  There are refined areas of editing, proof reading and internal/external design that I, personally, had never tackled.  After an in-depth discussion with Bethany and reviewing her road map of the production process, we decided I would oversee the proofreading and design elements (using the services of two of her excellent team members) and she would provide consulting and jump in to bring the project across the finish line.  


Working with Bethany was the smartest creative decision I’ve ever made.  Considering the price, the quality of the assistance and output re: things anticipated (and totally unanticipated), and the total integrity with which Bethany and her staff have handled my project, I have to go beyond simply recommending Publishing Partner, and strongly encourage anyone with a finished or almost finished manuscript in hand to avail yourself of her services.

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