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Nancy Lapointe

Happy Author

Sparky's Big News

Nancy Lapointe

Published 2020

It was a joy to work with Nancy Lapointe to publish her children’s book Sparky’s Big News. When she came to Publishing Partner, she had already written the story and had the primary illustrations complete. We ran the production on Nancy’s book, including completing the book’s layout and working out how to best present the text to allow for multiple narrators. We also interfaced with the printer who printed a stock of the hardback version of her book. Both hardback and paperback versions are available on Amazon and everywhere books are sold.



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I wanted to use a local service when publishing my children’s book, and I found Publishing Partner through a google search. Bethany Kelly was very clear in how she initially presented her service, which contrasted with other service providers I’d talked to who were misleading. 

Bethany and her team are cutting edge, bringing their years-long working relationship as well as expertise and experience to my project. They were responsive in communication, and the project moved along at a good clip without any long delays.  


It is clear that Bethany is passionate about creating beautiful books. This passion comes through in her care and communication. Her team and company are small enough that you get personal attention and don’t feel shuffled around from one person to another.  I had a great experience, and I am overjoyed with the finished product.

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