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Janne Robinson

Happy Author

There's Cobwebs on Her Vagina: A Collection of Poems

Janne Robinson

Published 2021


Janne Robinson, visionary, counter-culture poet and artist, chose to self-publish her second book, There’s Cobwebs on Her Vagina. We worked together to turn her manuscript into a work of art.  As the project manager, I worked with her team to coordinate the production and then the launch of her book. 



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When I decided to self publish a book, I was absolutely certain that I needed someone in my arena to guide the process. I am an artist, and I hate managing shit. A friend of mine had worked with Bethany and she came highly recommended. Having her in my arena every step of the way was invaluable. I ended up working with a few of my own contacts in the project (book designer and editor), and she was happy to be flexible and work with me around what my needs were as they arose. It went so well I also am working with her on an audiobook at present. If you want to self publish a book and don’t want to do it alone—I highly recommend Bethany!"

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