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Jenni Prisk

Happy Author

Stand in Your Spotlight: An Ode to Living Fully

Jenni Prisk

Published 2020

FINALIST: 2022 American Writing Awards–Autobiography/Memoir

When the pandemic started, Jenni began writing her book, personal stories of overcoming adversities and building a life of purpose and empowerment from which she could empower other women. We worked together to plan her book and I coached her through the entire process of writing and rewriting. Once her manuscript was finished, we moved into production and then launched her book as an Amazon bestseller. 



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A chance meeting and conversation with Bethany Kelly led to the publication of my book, an opportunity I had craved but didn’t think would happen.  Every step of the way, with patience and a belief in my story, Bethany coaxed, encouraged and guided my words onto the page.

Her efficient timelines, her knowledge of the publishing industry, and her passion for getting results make Bethany the ultimate professional. Additionally, she has a team of very competent associates who fulfilled the final vital steps required to publish my book. When you hire Bethany and Publishing Partner, the outcome will far exceed your expectations.

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