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Dan Newby + Thao Pham

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Hello Emotions: Stories of Befriending Emotions

Dan Newby & Thao Pham

Published 2022

When we set out to publish Dan Newby’s 8th book, which he co-authored with Thao Pham, he had become an experienced author and quite familiar with the publishing process. Instead of running a full production and launch as we had with his seven other books, Dan took advantage of Pocket Publisher, putting on the hat of project manager while we provided consulting, as well as putting our time towards a successful best-selling launch. 



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Many of us yearn to write a book, but it takes more than yearning to make it a reality. Without Bethany’s help and guidance, I think it is fair to say that our books would remain incomplete. Bethany helped us understand the process of turning our ideas and experiences into a book, showed us where to focus and how to think about the entire project. Her suggestions were on point and her team members did excellent work in every case. There is much more to publishing a book than just “putting the words on paper.” Bethany’s expertise shines through on every project. If you have a book that wants to be written, we unreservedly endorse Bethany as the person who can help you bring it to life.

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