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Carole Weaver-Linsner

Happy Author

Side Effects: The Art of Surviving Cancer

Carole Weaver-Linsner

Published 2016

Carol Weaver’s debut memoir, Side Effects, is a touching portrait of beauty and resilience and the power of art to heal and revitalize. Working with Dr. Weaver to publish her book was a joy. Her skill with and love of the written word comes through on every page. Her book has multiple full-color images, which required additional treatment during the production process. Her book has been available in print and ebook form since December 2016.


We will remember Carol, along with all those who loved her and mourn her passing in 2022.



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My first book … with pictures … no clue about self-publishing … scared and confused … not to speak of my fear around “is this any good?” A friend told me I needed Bethany. I have a PhD in English, and when I discovered Bethany and her true partnership, I leaned on her like baby bonobos lean on their mama. She is smart, patient, always responsive, and expert in the industry. Whether you are a newbie like me or an old China hand that loves seeing your words in print, you will revere her care and brilliant guidance.

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