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Birgitt Williams

Happy Author

Swedish Edition of The Genuine Contact Way

Birgitt Williams

Published 2015

Birgitt’s book, The Genuine Contact Way, drew from her work with thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations over 35 years. It is a deep dive into the subject of personal and professional leadership development. Because her book contains multiple color illustrations, there were printing considerations that needed to be factored in. Publishing Partner ran the production, and it has been available in print and ebook versions since October 2014. Her book was also translated into and published in Swedish—another project that we successfully managed.



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When I approached Bethany for help, I was well advanced in the writing of the book and didn't feel a need for someone to give me feedback about what I had already written. Bethany understood this. Although she told me she often helped authors by providing feedback, I loved that she didn't pressure me to accept an additional service from her and let me sit with my own need to stay true to what I wanted to say.


She carefully and compassionately took me into the realm of what still needed to be done to get the book ready for publishing. When her first attempts at helping me to understand didn't work for me in the format that she was presenting in, she listened carefully to my needs and picked up on how to present information to me in ways that I could grasp. This allowed me to make all the necessary decisions. In this way, and so many others, her customer service was exceptional.


Bethany has a great team of people to provide the necessary help for every step. She made all the arrangements resulting in an experience that felt seamless and in which I felt supported. I was particularly impressed with the work of the editor that she used, who made extremely useful suggestions without overwhelming me.


I recommend Bethany's services and I intend to use her again for the next books that I am writing, as well as for getting other translations done.

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