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Brian Brinig

Happy Author

Mastering Self-Discipline: A Thoughtful Approach Gets Better Results

Brian Brinig

Published 2020

WINNER: San Diego Book Awards / Self-help

Brian Brinig is a successful CPA lawyer, adjunct professor at UCSD and Managing Director of a financial services firm. We supported Brian Brinig in publishing his fourth book (his previous three books were traditionally published). He came to us with an almost completed manuscript. We provided a developmental edit along with our trademark production services. We ran production for the print book (paperback and hardback), ebook and newly released audio book. 



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In 2019, I wrote my fourth book, Mastering Self-Discipline:  A Thoughtful Approach Gets Better Results.  My first three books were published the traditional way, but I concluded that independent publishing was the 21st Century way to go. I had no idea how to accomplish the project.  Thankfully, I was referred to Bethany Kelly and Publishing Partner as the resource for accomplishing my goal.  And it worked magnificently!

I was about 90% finished with the book when I joined Bethany and the support she provided was timely and extremely helpful.  From an insightful developmental edit that provided necessary restructuring guidance to the brilliant detailed copyedit by Frank Steele, the services of Publishing Partner were simply outstanding.  I am a critical consumer when it comes to writing, editing and design, and the quality of service provided by Bethany and her team throughout the editing and publishing process exceeded all my expectations.  Her guidance was smart and to the point, and it resulted in a wonderful book.  My next work is in the outline stage and I will again be a satisfied client of Publishing Partner.   My compliments to Bethany's entire team – I highly recommend them.

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