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Brenda Harrington

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Access Denied: Addressing Workplace Disparities and Discrimination

Brenda Harrington

Published 2022

It was an honor to support Brenda Harrington in publishing her debut non-fiction, in which she presents a forthright accounting of the inequities and discrimination that Black people experience in the workplace and what steps they can take to navigate deeply embedded and systemic issues. Brenda came to us with a very polished manuscript along with an illustration that a colleague had created for her book cover. We managed the production and launch of her bestseller—a book every white person in corporate America would do good to read. 



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When selecting a professional service provider to help me publish my first book, it was important for me to strike a balance between editorial freedom and literary protocol. I achieved this working with Publishing Partner. Bethany brought her years of publishing industry experience to bear, while creating a space for me to learn, develop and grow as an author. I never felt like I was part of a big blue ocean of clients; on many fronts it felt like I was her only client.


I found her team of editors, graphic designers and other service providers to be very knowledgeable and responsive, and appreciated the collaborative approach they took to sharing their professional expertise. It felt like we were one team, working together to create the best publication possible.

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