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Amanda Moon Ellevis

Happy Author

Rebuild & Thrive: Emotional Healing and Foundational Life Skills for Survivors of Sexual Exploitation

Amanda Moon Ellevis

Published 2022

As a survivor of trafficking and sexual exploitation, Amanda Moon Ellevis shares her healing and recovery lessons in a practical and meaningful way in her book, Rebuild and Thrive. Designed to guide survivors through their first 15 months of healing, the practical steps in her book allow survivors to take the necessary steps towards independence. By the time we began working together, she had already been field-testing her work in survivor recovery groups. We provided editorial, production and launch services and supported her during her launch party where she sold over sixty books. 



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Publishing Partner provided a variety of services that I would not have been able to execute as professionally on my own.


Through Publishing Partner, I was able to get a copy edit, design for both the cover and inside the book, ebook formatting, assistance with endorsements, help navigating Print-on-Demand services, and countless helpful weekly meetings where I was put on track so my book would be the best it could be in a timely fashion. Above all else, Bethany is really easy to talk to and always encouraging me to do my best. Thank you, Publishing Partner!

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