Your publishing partner’s goal is to ensure:  

  • Your book project gets done

  • It gets done the way you want it—quality content and professional presentation.

  • You have a great experience becoming an author.


Bethany Kelly as your publishing partner will provide the following types of services depending on where in the process you are at and what your needs are:


  • Help you get organized and create a plan that works for you.
  • Assist you in clarifying your vision and goals for becoming an author and creating a strategy for reaching them.
  • Help you define your audience and their needs so you can position yourself as an expert.
  • Determine the specific type of book that will fit your author personality, content and audience best, as well as the blueprint and format that matches the content you want to create.
  • Co-create a clear plan for the structure and flow of the book and an outline.
  • Develop a customized plan for content development, publishing and launch, with scheduled milestones.
  • Develop an overall launch and promotion strategy customized to your personality, business, audience and your book. We’ll look at online and offline marketing strategies and choose the launch and promotion strategies that will be the best fit for you and create the biggest impact. We will focus on building a platform, and maximizing your book launch and ongoing book promotion.

Content developer:

  • Create a plan and schedule for your writing that works for you and the type of author that you are that makes it easy to meet your writing goal.
  • Keep you on target and on track via reminders and short, bi-weekly checks so that you don’t get distracted or sidetracked and stay focused on your writing goals.
  • Provide professional feedback on your content in the form of a manuscript review, so that you know that your content is making sense for the reader, that the information is organized and presented in a way that keeps the reader’s interest and attention, and that you’re hitting the goals you have for yourself in becoming an author.
  • Collaborate with you as needed on title/subtitle options so that your book is positioned well for online visibility as well as captures yourreader’s attention.
  • Ensure that all ancillary content is assembled and created, providing advice and feedback so that you end up with front and end matter, a book description that entices people to pick up the book and read it, a bio that you use in your book as well as to promote your book all finished and done.
  • Provide guidance and direction on how to get great endorsements for your book, so that even before your book is published, you have people who vouch for your book.
  • Ensure that your final manuscript is complete so it’s ready for production.

Creative director:

  • I make it my business to understand both your professional and creative vision, so I can ensure that vision is translated into the completed work, and can communicate the same vision to anyone else involved in the project.
  • I bring an experienced eye to your work making sure that everything is as it should be both aesthetically and technically so you end up with a quality product. I can identify and fix problems early on that will save you time and headache later.
  • You get a professional with years of experience in publishing who is looking at your book each step of the way to ensure you end up with the highest-quality book possible.
  • As the author, you retain ultimate creative control, but you can count on my feedback and a professional opinion and recommendations at every key juncture.
  • I play a key role during the design process, to help you uncover your stylistic preferences and create a design brief for the cover so the designer can bring your ideas to life.

Production manager:

  • I advise and help you determine which print and distribution solution is going to make the most sense for you and the goals you have for becoming an author.  I provide cost comparisons, and have first-hand experience in using all of the current options (including printing locally/nationally, overseas and using print on demand solutions). 
  • I advise you on the ramifications of your desires, in terms of time, schedule and price. We can do anything you want to do and I make sure your decisions are grounded in reality.
  • Should you get one or more ISBN numbers? Do you want or need a library of congress number? Should you register a copyright? I will inform and guide you so you make the best decisions for your book.
  • I walk you through getting your ISBN number(s) and barcodes, and set up your bowker account so that your book is properly cataloged.
  • I help you choose and engage needed vendors who will be the best fit for your project (in skillset, style and price), so you are pleased with the outcome. This includes editors, designers, ebook formatters and illustrators.
  • I handle communication with vendors, both initially and for the duration of the project including fee negotiation, schedules and quality control, so you don’t have to.
  • I keep on top of the production schedule, so the project doesn’t lose steam or fizzle out and so you can be clear on what tasks are in your court and by when they need to be complete.
  • I keep things moving from one step to the next and make sure that the next person in the sequence understands clearly what they are meant to do and has all the information they need.
  • I upload all the completed files, run the proof process (aka handle the technical side of checking that everything is right). I trouble shoot and make sure you are happy with the finished product. I set everything up so that your book (and ebook) is ready to order and visible online so sales can start pouring in.
  • I get you set up for maximum visibility on Amazon, so you can take advantage of Amazon’s marketing machine, and are positioned to become an Amazon bestseller.
  • I make sure you are properly listed with the online distributors that you have chosen and that the meta data for your book is correct and filled in.
  • I organize all the project files and turn them over to you. I tour you through your accounts so that you can easily manage your accounts moving forward.

Hand holder/Butt kicker:

No matter what emotions arise or what your experience is an author, I’ll keep you moving and on track with your goals. That includes…

  • Holding your hand when you need it.
  • Kicking your butt to keep you moving when you need it. I’m a compassionate taskmaster.
  • When self-doubt screams in your ear, I’ll be there to bolster your confidence.
  • When resistance shows up (and it will), I’ll help you creatively work through it so it doesn’t sabotage your success.
  • I’ll talk you off of the ledge if you start to panic or freak out (don’t worry, it happens to everyone at least once)