Working with Bethany Kelly was a dream. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bethany and her team of professionals

—Alana Newton

I was never overwhelmed because I felt supported throughout each step. Publishing would have been difficult without the experience, partnership, understanding, and some humor that Bethany provided.

—Alicia Lamberghini-West

She gave me a road map to follow and educated me. I needed someone who knew what they were doing, and Bethany was that person.

—Amy Lisewski

Bethany’s knowledge and input on all aspects of the publishing process was invaluable. She saved us time and she prevented us from making costly missteps by bringing decisions to our attention that we didn’t even know we needed to make.

—Ann Deaton

Bethany’s efforts took my manuscript from an amateur self-published work to a professional presentation that equals the quality level of a large publisher.

—Bill Conrad

Bethany listened carefully to my needs and presented information to me in ways that I could grasp. Her customer service was exceptional. She made all the arrangements resulting in an experience that felt seamless and in which I felt supported.

—Birgitt Williams

I would recommend Bethany to anyone serious about publishing their book. I’m so glad I didn’t try to go it alone.

—Candice Dodge

Bethany’s gifts? She started by listening—as much as I needed. Next, she stepped up as my advocate and ally all the way through the process, leaving me to focus on writing the best book I could. I remain profoundly grateful for her talents and support.

—Carol Courcy

Bethany was amazing and surpassed my expectations every step of the way. If you are considering self- or independent publishing, this is the only way to go. I recommend her services and expertise.

—Carol Soloway

Bethany is smart, patient, always responsive, and expert in the industry. You will revere her care and brilliant guidance.

—Carole Weaver-Linsner

Many of us yearn to write a book, but it takes more than yearning to make it a reality. Without Bethany’s help and guidance, I think it is fair to say that our books would remain incomplete.

—Dan Newby & Lucy Núñez

Not only did Bethany remove the massive intimidation barrier of becoming a new author, she helped make it an enjoyable, rewarding experience. Her flexibility in scheduling, marketing suggestions, edits, no-holds-barred constructive criticisms, and above all, her enthusiasm, were indispensable to making my novel a reality.

—Darren Hugh Burton

Having published three previous books by almost every means imaginable, Bethany’s services were a great way to go for the fourth. She was efficient, pleasant, and smart, so our conversations were always both productive and fun.

—Doug Silsbee

Bethany took all the guesswork out of self-publishing for me, allowing me to do what I do best, which is create content. She is very professional and excellent at what she does. I would recommend her to anyone.

—Eric Bailey

Bethany was supportive, encouraging, and attentive to my needs. She created a positive experience for my first time publishing!

—Eve del Rosario

The way Bethany showed up to support me was unbelievable. She not only supported me through the logistical pieces of publishing but also provided me with the emotional support that I needed to get this book into the world. You’d be crazy not to hire Bethany.

—Gerald Rogers

Bethany knew just what to do and when to do it. I am very happy with my experience and with the finished product.

—Ginni Gordon

Bethany and her team did a first-rate job of producing a professional, high-quality published book. I get comments all the time from people who are shocked that this is a self-published book.

—Holly Williams

Having such a calm, resourceful Publishing Partner to navigate the ebbs and flows while retelling such a personal story was critical to my success. Bethany reassured, inspired, and guided me to keep moving forward step by step, from inception to publication with humor and grace, and an incredible knowledge of the industry.

—Jennifer Raphael

Bethany helped me to understand the process and held my hand through some tough moments around figuring out the layout, publishing details and making sure it was done with heart, authenticity and focus.

—Julie Reisler

I felt one hundred percent confident having Bethany Kelly as my Publishing Partner. I would highly recommend her for all your publishing needs.

—Kelly Bagla

Without a doubt, hiring Bethany was the best decision I made for publishing my book.

—Linda Roszak Burton

Bethany saved me hours of time and tons of frustration. I was confident that every deadline would be met, each specification achieved.

—Liz Goodgold

Bethany is the perfect person to partner with. She took my finished manuscript and polished and presented it in a way that makes it gorgeous.

—Lorin Beller

Her personal commitment to my project, her time and attention to detail, as well as awareness of my personal preferences, made the publishing of my book easy and stress-free.

—Mary Wilding

Our decision to select Bethany Kelly as our Publishing Partner was exactly what we needed to get our book done in a timely fashion with a look, feel and launch that we feel very proud of!

—Master Coach Author Press

Bethany provided a concierge service that was professional, reliable and high-quality.

—Melinda Silva

Bethany knew how to gently wrestle the manuscript out of my nervous hands and turn it into an Amazon bestseller in a matter of months. Truly amazing!

—Melody Kramer

Bethany kept me updated through each step in the development of my book through phone calls and emails and responded quickly to all my questions.

—Phyllis Pearson

As a first-time author, Bethany gave me assurance that she would be there to make this a positive experience. She lived up to her promises and delivered in an upbeat, professional, and loving way.

—Roni Kugler

Bethany made sure that the finished book aligned well with our brand and kept us focused on the reader experience that we were looking for. Bethany and her team were adaptable and responsive. It was a great experience!

—Breta Cooper, Business Director, VIA Institute on Character

A professional is someone who knows how to create a positive experience for a client.

—Rich Gaines

Bethany and her team guided me through the process step by step, from coaching, to editing, to design. I would highly recommend Bethany to anyone wanting to make their dream into reality.

—Sebastian Slovin

Bethany’s personalized and detailed attention gave me great assurance that my vision was in good hands. She makes the potentially stressful and complicated process of publishing easy and fun and produces excellence.

—Shari J Goodwin, Strategist/Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Best Selling Author

Thank you my dear friend and esteemed publishing partner! I can't begin to thank you properly for all your extraordinary supportive and creative vision in this project.

—Sheila Pearl

Partnering with an expert for the self-publishing of my first book was a great decision. I didn’t have to figure everything out for myself or spend a lot of time researching all the ins and outs. Bethany has all the information and expertise, and she led me gently through each step.

—Sheridan Gates

Bethany partnered with me from A to Z. From writing to editing, design, and most importantly publishing it on Amazon.  Not only did she help me write the book but she gave me the emotional support that I needed and she helped me deal with all of the doubt and fear that I had about sharing my story with the world.

—Wasim Hajjiri