Sheridan Gates

Sheridan is a leadership and career coach with over 20 years of experience. She was diagnosed with a form of macular degeneration in her early 20s, but her impaired vision didn’t stop her from getting her book out to the world. She came to us with a completed manuscript, and we supported her in ways that made her impaired vision irrelevant in terms of successful self-publishing. Not only did we manage the production of the print and e-book version of the book, but also the audio book.



Partnering with an expert for the self-publishing of my first book was a great decision. I didn’t have to figure everything out for myself or spend a lot of time researching all the ins and outs. Bethany has all the information and expertise, and she led me gently through each step.

Not only did she support me through the nuts and bolts of getting my book published, she was also able to give me the support that I needed throughout my own process and journey of becoming an author. Sometimes that looked like slowing things down so that I had time to process the pros and cons of a decision and utilize my own intuitive process in the decision-making. Sometimes it was creating a safe space for me to share my fears and insecurities around becoming an author and her encouragement that this was part of the process. She met me where I was and walked the road with me.

Writing the book was a relatively solo process, and when I engaged with Bethany for the production side, while I retained the decision-making authority, I still felt like it was “our” project. She was engaged and I felt like we were partnering. For me that is very valuable.

Being an author of a published book creates a lot of opportunities for me that weren’t previously available. Every conversation is an opportunity, giving me the chance to speak about the themes that are important to me and that are part of my work. It deepens conversations and it gives me opportunities to create events around the book. I am very happy I made the decision to self-publish.

—Sheridan Gates