Melody Kramer

Melody, a trial lawyer and legal strategist with over 20 years of experience, and a Founding Member of The Just Write Society, wrote Lawyers Decoded as an exposé. She pulls back the curtain on how lawyers are taught, the environment in which they work, how they think and act, and how clients can use that information to save money and shorten disputes. Melody came with a completed manuscript and we managed the production of her book, which is available in print and e-book format since December 2018.

Becoming a published author is more than just writing a manuscript. It requires the expertise and experience of a pro to turn that manuscript into a polished, real book. Bethany knew how to gently wrestle the manuscript out of my nervous hands and turn it into an Amazon bestseller in a matter of months. Truly amazing!

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—Melody A. Kramer, Author, Lawyer, Speaker, Compulsive Innovator