The Master Coach Author Press

A group of seven professional coaches collaborated to write Fearless Feedback, a practical framework for how to structure feedback for leaders so they can accomplish their professional goals. Working with a team of seven authors (who needed to collaborate and agree on decisions) created additional complexities, but we were able to navigate the process seamlessly and launch the book as an Amazon bestseller. It is available in print and e-book since January 2019.


Our decision to select Bethany Kelly as our Publishing Partner was exactly what we needed to get our book done in a timely fashion with a look, feel and launch that we feel very proud of! We had the challenge of being a group of seven co-authors, located in various locations/time zones.

Among other things, she:

  • educated us on the overall flow of work, rough timeline, and the world of self-publishing;

  • aided us in determining what was most important for the full team to weigh in on;

  • connected us with an excellent copy editor and creative graphic designer;

  • provided several tools to create the "front end” and “back end” content in the book; and

  • handled all the publishing and launch details with Amazon.

—Amy Kosterlitz, Kathleen Marron, Kelly Ross, Lori Siegworth, Penny Handscomb (not pictured) , Rebecca Glenn, and Timothy Signorelli (The Master Coach Author Press)