Lorin Beller

Two-time author Lorin Beller came to me when she was ready to publish her next two books. She enjoyed writing, but as a busy professional, she didn’t have the time or the interest to figure out the process or manage production. We took care of that side of things entirely and subsequently completed Big Impact (November 2017) and Guy’s Guide to Lots of Great Sex (April 2018). More books from Lorin are in the works.

Lorin Beller New2019.jpg

Bethany is the perfect person to partner with for my book projects. I know what I want to write about. But I do not like the details aspect of completing the project: editing, illustrations, design, layout, Amazon interaction, etc. Bethany took my finished manuscript and polished and presented it in a way that makes it gorgeous. Thank you, Bethany! I look forward to many more projects with you and your team. You make it easy!

—Lorin Beller