Gerald Rogers

One night in 2013, shortly after his divorce was finalized, Gerald Rogers took to Facebook and penned a missive titled The Marriage Advice I Wish I Would Have Had—an honest reckoning of what he learned through a painful divorce. His post went viral and was shared over 150,000 times. He was published in the Huffington Post, featured on the Today Show, and appeared in countless other newspapers, magazines, blogs, and radio shows. After being approached by a publisher, he chose to publish his book independently. Publishing Partner provided support in getting his manuscript finalized and managing the production. He quickly became a #1 Amazon bestseller. His book is available in print and e-book since 2014.



When I first had the vision of publishing this book, I had no idea how to do it, I didn’t understand the logistics, how to get it on Amazon, or what kind of editing I needed or how to get it designed. There was so much that I had no clue about. I felt totally overwhelmed. And then I met Bethany, and she was like an answer to prayer. The way she showed up to support me was unbelievable. She not only supported me through the logistical pieces of publishing but also provided me with the emotional support that I needed to get this book into the world. I am certain that this book wouldn't have happened without her. You’d be crazy not to hire Bethany.

-Gerald Rogers