Doug Silsbee

By the time Doug was ready to publish his fourth book, he was an experienced author who was well aware of the publishing process and had a clear understanding of the type of support he would need. Weeks after commencing production on Presence-Based Leadership, Doug was diagnosed with terminal cancer, which came as a shock to everyone. We provided the support he needed to succeed in publishing his book ahead of schedule and well in advance of his passing. His book has sold thousands of copies and quickly became an Amazon bestseller.


Silsbee Author Photo2.jpeg

What a godsend Bethany Kelly has been. Having published three previous books by almost every means imaginable, Bethany’s project management services were a great way to go for the fourth. She coordinated the details, which freed me up to do what only I can do. She was efficient, pleasant, and smart, so our conversations were always both productive and fun.

—Doug Silsbee