Darren Hugh Burton

Darren is a professional biologist who has worked in biotech and environmental consulting as well as teaching university biology. His first novel, Tooth and Claw, combines nature, science, and cutting-edge technology with action, travel, danger, and a pinch of humor. He came to Publishing Partner with a completed manuscript (a whopping 100,000+ words). We ran production of the e-book and helped him realize his goal of becoming a published author. His book is available in e-book format since December 2017.


Darren Burton.jpg

Publishing a quality first novel is no easy task. Not only did Bethany remove the massive intimidation barrier of becoming a new author, she helped make it an enjoyable, rewarding experience. I can’t imagine having done it as smoothly without her brilliant project management and professional guidance. Her focused attention on my book’s exact needs and her vast knowledge of publishing and getting authors through the hoops were indispensable. She had a clear vision of the final product well before I ever did—that’s a true pro! Among other things, her flexibility in scheduling, marketing suggestions, edits, no-holds-barred constructive criticisms, and above all, her enthusiasm, were indispensable to making my novel a reality. I can’t thank or recommend her enough.

—Darren Hugh Burton