Carol Courcy

Months before Publishing Partner was up and running as a company, Carol became client #1. In a serendipitous meeting, it became clear that my skillset was what she needed in order to complete her book project—a project that had become fraught with complications, setbacks, and frustrations. We successfully completed the project and Carol’s book, Save Your Inner Tortoise, has been available in paperback format since July of 2012.



I crossed paths with Bethany after I had submitted my book draft to a publisher. At the time I was “under water” with that company’s incompetence and lack of integrity. (Going mad with frustration and self-doubt is a better description of my mood and state of mind.) She and I met as part of a learning opportunity, and only later did I learn her skills were just what I needed.

Bethany’s skill set saved me and enabled me to publish the book that launched my career as a speaker. Her gifts? She started by listening—as much as I needed. Next, she stepped up as my advocate and ally. She became the point of contact with the publisher, leaving me to focus on writing the best book I could. Her gifts showed up all the way through the production process. She connected me with two brilliant editors, provided all sorts of ideas for the book’s cover and interior design, and managed everything.

Best of all, with her support and my patience with the process, I recovered my enthusiasm for my book. I remain profoundly grateful for her talents and support.

—Carol Courcy