Ann Deaton and Holly Williams

These co-authors needed a book finished in time to launch it at an important trade show in their industry. Seamlessly navigating the complexities of shared decision-making with co-authors, the book was completed in time, and they have a whopping 41 reviews on Amazon.

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"Like any first-time author, I was more than a little anxious about publishing a book. While I knew a great deal about the book content, I was considerably less informed about the publication and book production process. I recognized we needed an expert who could support us in successfully publishing Being Coached: Group and Team Coaching from the Inside, co-authored with Holly Williams. My priorities for this expert resource were someone who could create structure for the process, and continually move things forward. I expected to be involved, of course, yet I didn’t have any desire to master a whole new skill-set or become an expert on the ins and outs of the book production process. I also hoped for someone who had access to and working relationships with the multiple professionals we would need.

I feel fortunate that we found Bethany Kelly, and the high quality and prompt publication of our book is evidence of the wisdom of our choice. Bethany managed all the details of the production. Her knowledge and input on all aspects of the publishing process was invaluable. Bethany saved us time and she prevented us from making costly missteps by bringing decisions to our attention that we didn’t even know we needed to make. All of which resulted in a high-quality finished book.

The book editor and cover designer Bethany brought to the team did a superb job. They were engaged and easy to work with, as well as cost effective. Their contributions had a huge impact on the final product.

As project manager, Bethany showed a willingness to communicate as needed, and managed the complexities of shared decision-making that arise when there are co-authors. She was cognizant of our tightly scheduled ultimate deadline and able to keep us on track, frequently holding us to our deadlines while at times creating necessary wiggle room.

To see the impact that Being Coached is beginning to have is very rewarding. Readers express appreciation for the flow of the book, our unique approach, and the fact that we’ve created a resource for leaders and coaches that enables them to understand group and team coaching from a whole new perspective. I so appreciate Bethany and her team of resources for their critical role in making this happen. Perhaps no higher praise can be offered than to say that I expect to use them again for my next book."

—Ann Deaton


"Bethany was a reliable, confident guide who managed all aspects of our book’s production. As a first time author, it was great to be able to rely on her knowledge of self-publishing. It was important to me that the content of the book was top notch and well edited, and the cover looked professional. I’m very pleased with the results. Bethany and her team did a first-rate job producing a professional, high-quality self-published book. I get comments all the time from people who are shocked that this is a self-published book.

We were operating on a very tight deadline and Bethany and her team delivered the finished product well ahead of schedule. She remained cheerful and confident throughout the entire process. In the times when I might have felt like pulling my hair out she remained calm and kept the project on course.

I have had several people ask me if I am going to look for a traditional publisher for my second book and I think "Why would I even look?" I loved working with Bethany and her team plan to do it again for my upcoming book on the leader as coach which will be published in 2015."

—Holly Williams