Holly Williams

Co-authors Holly Williams and Ann Deaton needed their book published in time to launch it at an important trade show in their industry. We seamlessly navigated the complexities of shared decision-making between co-authors and their book was completed on schedule. It has garnered 64 five-star reviews on Amazon, with readers expressing appreciation for the flow of the book, the unique approach, and the resources provided. It is available in print and e-book format on Amazon since April 2014.



Bethany was a reliable, confident guide who managed all aspects of our book’s production. As a first-time author, it was great to be able to rely on her knowledge of publishing. It was important to me that the content of the book was top notch and well edited, and the cover looked professional. I’m very pleased with the results. Bethany and her team did a first-rate job of producing a professional, high-quality published book. I get comments all the time from people who are shocked that this is a self-published book. We were operating on a very tight deadline, and Bethany and her team delivered the finished product well ahead of schedule. She remained cheerful and confident throughout the entire process.

—Holly Williams