Alicia Lamberghini-West

Alicia Lamberghini-West, PsyD, a licensed psychologist with 25 years of experience in her field, came to us with a completed first draft. Her drive for writing this book was fueled by a personal passion to challenge the limitations women experience because of social pressures and to champion personal choice and freedom for women. English was her second language, and we provided editorial support as well as managed the production. Her book, which was a #1 New Release in Social Theory on Amazon, has been available in paperback and e-book since March 2019.


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The most valuable thing I got from working with Bethany and her team was the structure and planning. Throughout the process, there were plenty of tasks and work in my court, but I was never overwhelmed because I felt supported throughout each step. Publishing a book is a lot of work and would have been difficult without the partnership, understanding, backing, and some humor that Bethany provided. Finally, Bethany has substantial publishing experience. At every stage, she had useful answers to all my questions. She knows her field.

—Alicia Lamberghini-West, PsyD, Amazon Best Selling Author, and Fulbright Specialist Roster listing in the field of Sociology, Women's Studies.